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News information
From what aspects should the quality control of wiring harn Sources of news:未知    Release time:2018-12-29 16:54    浏览量:

Customers want high quality and high price products. In order to meet this demand, wiring harness manufacturers are committed to ensuring cost on the premise of quality assurance. What aspects affect the quality of wiring harness products?

The production process is to have R&D personnel to customize the product, formulate the process steps, and make SOP, so that employees can carry out production operations according to SOP.

Vocational training, relevant vocational training for employees, master relevant production knowledge and SOP;

Mould maintenance, the mold is life-span, beyond the life of the need to repair the mold, to ensure product consistency;

Machine maintenance, the daily need for a dedicated person responsible for the operation of the machine, regular inspection and maintenance, once found problems and timely maintenance;

Production departments need to make production plans in time, and need to dock with R&D departments and quality departments to monitor the quality of products.

Although the upsurge of new products can cause repercussions in the market and multi-directional marketing can bring sales growth, if the hard index of quality can not pass, it is very difficult to stay in the market for a long time. Strict implementation of ISO 9001 quality management standards in production management and strict operation in accordance with the industry-leading Tyco electronic crimping technology standards, so that each riveted terminal can pass cross-section testing. The company keeps checks from raw materials entering factory, production process monitoring, equipment stability maintenance and delivery control to ensure product quality conforms to international standards, only to provide customers with the most competitive products. Welcome customers to contact us.

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