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Industry information

Industry information
How to Choose Electronic Wire Sources of news:未知    Release time:2018-12-29 17:01    浏览量:

Electronic wire is an abbreviation of the internal connection of electrical equipment. Its electrification is mainly based on weak current, which is different from that of cable in the category of strong current.

Electronic wire can be divided into UL standard, 3C standard and VDE standard. The UL standard is generally based on AWG, and the 3C standard or VDE standard is based on square section. The domestic electronic wire manufacturers mainly use 3C or UL standard.

1. Choose products that meet the requirements of the standards as far as possible. Wires and cables belong to the national compulsory safety certification products in China. All production enterprises must obtain the "CCC" logo certified by the China Electrical Products Certification Commission, and mark the "CCC" certification logo on the products and certificates. Export products need to pay attention to UL standards in the United States and RoHS requirements in the European Union.

2. In terms of performance and specifications, it is not easy to choose the suitable electronic wires for your requirements in the complicated and hundreds of electronic wires. But from the practical experience, it is not difficult, can be summarized in two steps. First, learn from peers, learn from peer practices, can first launch products. Second, constantly optimize peer practices to make your choice more suitable for your product regardless of cost, performance and environmental requirements. Of course, you can also simplify the complexity and consult our customer service directly. He will be happy to provide his professional advice for your choice.

3. The product has smooth appearance and uniform color. In order to improve the quality of products and ensure that products meet the requirements of national standards, wire and cable enterprises that meet the requirements of national standards strictly control the selection of raw materials, production equipment and production process. Therefore, the appearance of wire and cable products meets the standard requirements: smooth and round, uniform color. The appearance of fake and inferior products is rough and dull. For rubber insulated flexible cables, the appearance is round and the sheath, insulation and conductor are not easy to peel off. The fake and inferior products have rough appearance, large ovality and low insulation strength, so they can be torn off by hand.

4. The conductor is glossy, and the DC resistance and the size of the conductor conform to the requirements of the national standard. The products of wires and cables that meet the requirements of the national standards, whether aluminium conductors or copper conductors, are relatively bright and oil-free. Therefore, the DC resistance of conductors fully conforms to the national standards, and has good conductivity and high safety.

5. Accurate length. Length is the main intuitive way to distinguish fake and inferior products that meet the requirements of national standards. The length of wire and cable products that meet the requirements of the national standard meets the national standard of 100 + 0.5m (that is to say, 100 meters is the standard and the allowable error is 0.5 meters), so as to protect the interests of consumers.

6. The identification of the certificate is clear. The certificates of wire and cable products meeting the requirements of national standards are clearly printed with CCC certification marks, trademarks, model specifications, rated voltage, length, inspection, manufacturing date, certification number, execution standard, factory name, factory address, telephone and other marks, which are in line with the products, so that consumers can choose and install them correctly.

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