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Industry information

Industry information
Demand for ultra-fine electronic wires is also growing Sources of news:未知    Release time:2018-12-29 17:00    浏览量:

With the development of technology, terminal consumer electronic products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops and so on are becoming smaller and smaller. In order to save the internal use space of terminal products, it has become the preferred choice for electronic products manufacturers to replace flexible circuit boards with ultra-fine electronic wires. As a result, the demand for ultra-fine electronic wires is increasing. It is estimated that the annual demand for ultra-fine electronic wires between 36AWG and 48AWG is more than billions of meters, ranging from 0.1270 mm to 0.031.59 mm in diameter. There are dozens of domestic cable manufacturers engaged in the production of ultra-fine electronic wires, mainly in Portuguese coastal provinces. They can produce products with diameters of 0.15, 0.12, 0.09 and 0.075 mm, equivalent to 36, 38, 40 and 42AWG wire gauges. In order to speed up the industrialization process and promote the development of the industry, the relevant domestic scientific research institutions have completed the formulation of product standards. In the foreseeable future, the market prospects of ultra-fine electronic wires will be very broad.

The main characteristics of very thin electronic wires are very thin conductors and thin insulation, so their insulation extrusion is different from ordinary wires. It is necessary to focus on the key technologies of thin insulation such as wing design, tension control and temperature control.

Because of the thin insulation of the ultra-fine electronic wire and the large tensile ratio of the material, only by designing a good die can the insulation material of the power wire be guaranteed not to appear glue breakage and eccentricity during the high temperature tensile process.

The integrated cables for oil platforms are the preferred cables for high performance cabling in the integrated cabling system of oil platforms. It integrates power, communication and instrumentation cables. It effectively saves valuable space in oil platforms, increases rated workload of oil platforms, reduces material consumption in cable laying and saves economic costs. Considering fully the electromagnetic interference of power unit to communication and instrument unit, each unit adopts independent braided shielding; in order to make the cable and the outside non-interference, the total shielding of the cable is added.

As an ideal internal connection line for consumer terminal electronic products, ultra-fine electronic wires have broad market prospects. Through the research and analysis of materials, equipment and extrusion technology, the qualified market for the supply of ultra-fine electronic wire products has been produced, and the competitiveness of enterprises has been enhanced.

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