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Industry information

Industry information
Dongguan Qiyu Teachers'Skills in Choosing Power Wire Sources of news:未知    Release time:2018-12-29 16:56    浏览量:

Although the power cord is small, but the responsibility is heavy, not only directly related to the use effect and life of household appliances, but also related to the safety of users'personal and property, so consumers should not take it lightly when choosing and purchasing. However, there are many kinds of power line products on the market, and each electrical appliance has its own characteristics. If ordinary consumers can't do it properly, they are easy to pick on the wrong ones.

Power cord should be purchased according to different household appliances. Different household appliances use different power lines. Generally speaking, RVB-70, RVZ-70 parallel or twisted pair wires should be selected for integrated plug wires for lighting, radio and TV sets. The cross-sectional area of RVZ-70 type parallel or twisted pair wires should be 0.75-1.0 mmm_rice cooker, air conditioner, ventilator, fan, refrigerator, washing machine and other power wires should be selected for RVZ-70 type three-core conductor with sheath. Its cross-sectional area should be 0.75-1.5mmm, 100. When the cross-section area of RHF type wire is 0.75-1.0 mm_room, BV-70 type polyvinyl chloride insulated copper core hard wire is needed for buried pipe dark wire, and its cross-section area is 1.0-2.0 mm_to ensure a long enough safe service life; as for kitchen and toilet, etc. RVZ-70 sheath cable is suitable for mobile socket connection in humid environment.

The purchase of electric wires should first be considered as a volume of wire packaging with or without the Great Wall Sign and the production license number of the China Electrical Products Certification Commission.

Look at whether the outer plastic skin of the wire is bright in color and fine in texture. If ignited with a lighter, there should be no open fire. Informal products use recycled plastics, with dim color, loose texture, and can ignite a bright fire; secondly, look at the length and specific price, BVV2 x 2.5 coil length is 100 + 5 meters, the market price is about 280 yuan, the length of informal products is 60-80 meters, some manufacturers make E insulation cover thick, so that it is difficult for insiders to see the problem. Generally, you can count the number of coils of wires, and then multiply by the whole volume. The radius can roughly calculate the length. The price of this kind of product is between 100-130 yuan. Next, you can ask the merchant to cut off the head and see the material of the copper core. 2 x 2.5 copper core diameter 1.784 mm, can be measured by micrometer, regular product wires use pure red copper, bright and slightly soft outer layer, informal product copper is black and hard, belongs to recycled miscellaneous copper, high resistivity, poor electrical conductivity, will rise temperature and unsafe; finally, purchase wires should go to e-commerce stores or manufacturers'stores.

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